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Welcome to Career Week! 


This week you will have an opportunity to explore a variety of careers during Homeroom. Each day there will be a different activity for you to explore. This year, we will focus on how AI is transforming almost every job, career, and industry. Our goal is to empower Huntington Middle School students to be ready for the workforce of tomorrow!


On Friday, we will have our Career Day Fair with a variety of speakers on campus who will visit classrooms to share about their careers and the path it took to get them there. Our speakers will also provide insight on how AI is, or will be used in their career, and how they are staying ahead in this rapidly evolving AI landscape. Make sure to ask lots of questions about any career that piques your interest.

                                                                    Mrs. Gonzalez, School Counselor

                                                                              Career Week Coordinator


*You can also explore the site during snack and lunch break in the library!

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