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Geothermal Production Managers 

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Natural Sciences Managers - NEW!

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians - NEW!

Plant Scientists

Sales Representatives - Wholesale - Manufacturing - Technical - Scientific Products

Veterinarians - NEW!

Water Resource Specialists - NEW!

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists - NEW!

Agents and Business Managers of Artists - Performers - Athletes

Actors - NEW!

Archivists - NEW!

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians

Broadcast Technicians

Camera Operators - Television - Video - and Motion Picture - NEW!

Choreographer - NEW!

Commercial Artists

Fashion Designers - NEW!

Film and Video Editors - NEW!

Fine Artists - Including Painters - Sculptors - and Illustrators

Interior Designers

Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance

Multimedia Artists and Animators - NEW!

Museum Technicians and Conservators

Music Directors and Composers

Musicians and Singers - NEW!

Photographers - NEW!

Producers and Directors

Radio and Television Announcers

Reporters and Correspondents

Set and Exhibit Designers - NEW!

Sound Engineering Technicians

Technical Writers

Video Game Designers - NEW!

Web Developer - NEW!

Writers and Authors

Business and Administration (Cluster Video)

Accountants and Auditors - NEW!

Advertising and Promotions Managers - NEW!

Agents and Business Managers of Artists - Performers - Athletes

Chief Executives (CEO) - NEW!

Computer and Information Systems Managers - NEW!


Financial Analysts - NEW!

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